CSS Farms was founded by the Carter and Spevak families in Watertown, South Dakota.

Our Mission


Our Vision

Leading the way in STEWARDSHIP and SOLUTIONS.
Every Field. Every Load. Every Day.

The CSS Way

  • Committed to Excellence

    We take great pride in doing the job right

  • Entrepreneurial Drive

    We have a legacy rooted in solving hard problems and tackling new business ventures.

  • Winning Teamwork

    Our best is achieved when we work together.

  • Farming Lifestyle

    Farming is our way of life. Passion for the land, family, and community.

Our History

  1. The Beginnning


    CSS Farms was founded in 1986 when the Carter and Spevak families joined together to grow their first field of potatoes.

  2. First Leap


    CSS Farms' first venture out of South Dakota was expansion in Nebraska to better serve chip customers. The company teamed up with Bob Bender to further expand its presence.

  3. Storage Solutions


    Chip expansion continues into Texas with improved storage capability. CSS Farms becomes one of the top producers in the country.

  4. Seed


    CSS Farms develops a vertically integrated seed supply chain with isolated seed farms and a state of the art mini-tuber greenhouse.

  5. Specialty Potatoes


    Tasteful Selections, our partnership with RPE and Plover River Farms, becomes a market leader in the specialty potato category.

  6. Expansion to the PNW


    Operations in chip processing and seed potatoes around the Tri-City area began.

  7. Idaho Seed Farms


    Increasing our seed production in the heart of potato country.

  8. Spreading our wings in Western New York


    Excited to be serving regional chipping processors in the East.

  9. Growing our farm family in Nevada


    More chip and seed potato acres to love!

  10. Continued Expansion


    Added farms in Texas, Lodi, California and a New York Seed farm.

  11. Focused on Vision


    CSS Farms now operates 17 farms in 10 states providing seed, chip, and specialty potatoes to our customers.

Nationwide Footprint


  • Colorado City, CO  Greenhouse
  • Cody, NE
  • Ione, OR
  • Holbrook, ID
  • North Platte, NE
  • Lyndonville, NY


  • Columbus, NE
  • Dalhart, TX
  • Minden, NE
  • Olton, TX
  • Pasco, WA
  • Bliss, NY
  • Winnemucca, NV
  • Lodi, CA
  • Bakersfield, CA
  • Higgins, TX

Shared Services

  • Kearney, NE
  • Watertown, SD

CSS Safe is a call to action and a reminder for all our team members that safety comes FIRST. It is ALWAYS our top priority and TOGETHER we will create the safest working culture.  We know that in everything we do safety makes us a stronger team and better business!


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