Seed Potatoes

The goal of our integrated seed business is to grow the highest quality seed in the country, including freedom from disease, reliable supply and performance, and desired size profile. 


Seed production for CSS Farms begins in our advanced greenhouse producing disease free minitubers by the millions. Plantlets from mother plants are propagated for hundreds of varieties in our sterile laboratory. After plants mature in the greenhouse, minitubers are harvested multiple times within each cycle to reach the desired production targets.

Integrated Supply Chain | seed farms

The high quality seed is multiplied at one of our many early and late generation seed farms, specifically located for isolation from other potato production while minimizing freight costs. CSS Farms take great care to preserve the variety integrity of the many lots we grow.

The integrated seed program creates value by enhancing the speed to market of proprietary varieties and offering programmatic supply chain solutions to customers.


CSS Farms goes the extra mile to provide our customers with seed that exceeds expectations. Most importantly, we maintain disciplined protocols to deliver seed free from disease.

Commercial growers value knowing that their seed supply is reliable in both quantity and performance. To that end, CSS Farms grows in areas with lower than average weather risks, and invests significant resources in equipment and storage assets to ensure predictability.

CSS Farms takes many detailed steps to manage the desired size profile of our seed. Operational innovations optimize the amount of whole seed produced.

Seed Sales

Do you need a certain variety, age, and size of seed for next year?
Are you looking for a partner to manage your long term seed solutions?


CSS Farms is experienced in coordinating the logistical details of customized seed programs.


CSS Farms manages 100+ public and proprietary varieties across all potato segments.


Our commitment to details and quality production provide value to university and private breeding programs.