CSS Farms has a presence in 17 states.
We are proud to be a part of these rural communities!

Colorado City, CO - Greenhouse

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    4555 Graneros Rd. W
    PO Box 19637
    Colorado City, CO 81019
  • 719-676-2791
  • 719-676-2795


The Colorado City greenhouse produces several million minitubers each year. A state of the art greenhouse, tissue culture laboratory, and five climate control cold storages allow us to fill custom orders of any size for field planting any time of the year. The sunshine in southern Colorado allows us to grow year around, and the Colorado Potato Seed Certification Service provides assurance of the highest quality minitubers available in North America.

Cody, NE

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    35550 Boiling Springs Rd.
    Cody, NE 69211-9709
  • 402-823-4041
  • 402-823-4061


Remotely located in the heart of the sandhills of Nebraska, our Cody seed farm is ideal for seed production. With a professional and veteran team, Cody plants over 1200 acres of over 140 different lots of potatoes. Exceptional quality of seed and customer service are the hallmarks of this early generation seed farm.

Ione, OR

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    76705 Tower Rd
    Boardman, OR 97818
  • 541-616-1100


Balancing isolation with proximity to customers, Ione is uniquely positioned to offer late generation seed to many producers in the Columbia Basin. Ione produces over 600 acres of chip, russet, and specialty varieties.

Holbrook, ID

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    3747 S 21000 W
    Holbrook, ID 83243
  • 509-735-5095
  • 509-222-2223


Farm produces late generation russet seed for many long-standing Idaho growers. This location has proven itself to have the right amount of isolation and nearness to customers.

North Platte, NE

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    3605 W. Watts Rd
    North Platte, NE 69101
  • 308-534-4339


Nestled south of North Platte about 10 miles, this late generation seed farm is an important part of our seed supply to commercial customers.

Columbus, NE

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    31341 160th Street
    Columbus, NE 68601
  • 402-897-2577
  • 402-897-2579


Located just north of the small town of Duncan, NE, our Columbus location prides itself on exceptional fresh and storage quality on 1400 acres of chipping potatoes each year. Community involvement is a cornerstone of CSS Farms, and Columbus works hard to keep that a priority.

Dalhart, TX

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    2325 U.S. Hwy 54
    Dalhart, TX 79022
  • 806-343-5307
  • 806-343-5310


With over 1.6 million cwt of storage capacity, Dalhart is the largest of our commercial chip potato farms. Planting over 4000 acres of chipping potatoes annually produces a 10 – 12 month shipping window for our customers.

Minden, NE

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    2016 32nd Road
    Minden, NE 68959
  • 308-832-1733
  • 308-832-1744


Our first operation started outside of South Dakota, the Minden farm harvests 1700 acres of chipping potatoes annually. Fresh and storage shipments cover a 10 month time frame with 800,000 cwt of storage capacity.

Olton, TX

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    1782 Hwy 168
    Olton, TX 79064
  • 806-262-4022
  • 806-262-4024


Olton delivers fresh shipments of chipping potatoes in July and August. It's sandy soils make it an ideal and reliable fresh shipping location.

Pasco, WA

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    10733 Pasco-Kahlotus Rd
    Pasco, WA 99301
  • 509-547-5793
  • 509-545-5748


The Pasco farm is proud to grow potatoes and onions for the region. We are happy to be working with high quality people and communities.

Bliss, NY

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    4189 NY-78
    Bliss, NY 14024
  • 585-322-7274


Serving an esteemed group of regional chip processors, our Bliss location is a perfect addition to the CSS Farms family.

Winnemucca, NV

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    4100 Dutch Flat Road
    Winnemucca, NV 89445
  • 775-623-4400
  • 775-623-2182


Settled in the heart of CSS Farms production areas, the Winnemucca farm produces high-quality potatoes and exceptional customer service.

Lodi, CA


Lodi is in one of the world’s most amazing agricultural resources and a great market for our products!

Bakersfield, CA

  • 13003 Di Giorgio Road, Arvin, CA 93203, USA


Our Bakersfield farm was established in 2023 and is used for growng chipping potatoes.

Tasteful Selections

  • 13003 Digiorgio Rd
    Arvin, CA 93203
  • 661-854-3998
  • 661-854-3991


To produce the freshest product and provide a year round supply to the consumer, Tasteful Selections grows in multiple locations throughout the west and southwest. Other crops are also utilized at the various farms, including carrots and watermelons. The potatoes can be found in local grocery stores as Tasteful Selection branded products and also in private label packaging. Tasteful Selections utilizes an innovative storage and production facility built to support the distribution of ‘baby’ potatoes to all 50 states and over 15,000 outlets.

Kearney, NE

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    5911 2nd Ave W
    Kearney, NE 68847
  • 308-236-4064
  • 308-236-4065


The Kearney office provides administrative support to all farms in the areas of Production Management, Human Resources, Food Safety, Sustainability, and Promotion.

Bakersfield, CA

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    4343 Shortcuts Lane
    Bakersfield, CA 93314
  • 308-708-3513


Bakersfield, CA is one of the top agriculture producing areas in the United States. Known for being a food basket for the nation we are proud to now grow CSS Farms potatoes in the area.