Table-Stock Potatoes

Through partnerships, we provide a high quality, year-round supply of baby potatoes and fingerlings! 


Quality is our number one priority. We know that, as something served in the household, consumers want the best potatoes a grower can offer, so our farmers take that to heart. Our quality control measures and extensive food safety program are the foundation of our daily commitment to our customers and their consumer. Our commitment to quality is something your consumers will be able to taste. 


Red, yellow, purple, white, and medleys of every size make up our niche market. We size our potatoes precisely, so that every bag of potatoes will cook uniformly and look pleasing on the plate. Our signature variety, Honey Gold, has consumer confidence and loyal customers for its buttery, sweet taste.

In addition, Tasteful Selections provides an organic option for our most popular varieties.

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Year-round supply

To achieve the goal of shipping the freshest product to the consumer, Tasteful Selections plants and harvests through four seasons across eight locations.

We select growing areas and soils that optimize skin finish, vibrant color, and the shape of our unique varieties to deliver the highest quality product.

The integrated seed program of Tasteful Selections and CSS Farms provides a twelve month solution that overcomes seed dormancy challenges for the production of our core varieties as well as newly developed offerings.