Chipping Potatoes

We create value for our customers by delivering a reliable and high quality supply of chip potatoes. 

Serving the Customer

By developing innovative supply solutions and focusing on quality, CSS Farms has grown to be one of the premier chip suppliers in the country. Our farm locations maximize product quality and minimize freight expense to the customer.

CSS Farms is committed to customer service. We strive to earn our customer’s trust and confidence by creating a reliable supply chain and a consistent product year in and year out. This strategy has led to over three decades of growth in the industry.


CSS Farms has created a successful model of managing two crops – the potatoes in the field and the potatoes in storage. We have dedicated resources, care and expertise to the fulfillment of high quality storage potatoes. Our storage buildings are second to none in the industry and monitored daily.

The value of high quality storage potatoes is in the reliability of inventory to our processors. In addition, the geographical diversity of CSS Farms allows flexibility in inventory during weather and supply chain challenges.

The stability of our storage potatoes makes it possible to serve export customers. We are proud of the superior quality that we are able to maintain to meet the strict standards of the export markets.


At CSS Farms, we are focused on growing the best potatoes in the most sustainable way. Every Field. Every Load. Every Day. Sustainability has been around for decades, but it has changed and devolved over the years. At CSS Farms, we deliver the CSS Standard. We are growing a better crop in a beneficial way for our environment, bringing our customers and their consumers sustainably grown potatoes. CSS farms is proud of our people, proud of our potatoes and proud of the possibility’s sustainability brings for generations to come.