The network of CSS Farms provides a solid foundation for collaboration and innovation.  The culture of "Doing it Right" is ingrained in our farm leaders.

CSS Farms Vision Statement

Leading the way in STEWARDSHIP and SOLUTIONS. Every Field. Every Load. Every Day.


CSS Farms Mission Statement

core The CSS Way

  • Committed to Excellence

    We take great pride in doing the job right

  • Entrepreneurial Drive

    We have a legacy rooted in solving hard problems and tackling new business ventures.

  • Winning Teamwork

    Our best is achieved when we work together.

  • Farming Lifestyle

    Farming is our way of life. Passion for the land, family, and community.


food safety & sustainability

CSS Farms believes in an ongoing commitment to food safety and creating a sustainable food source for generations to come. Through education, continuous training and third party audits, CSS Farms achieves the highest standards at our commercial chip farms.

Emphasizing strict expectations in the stewardship of the land, our crops, and our people, CSS Farms produces high quality potatoes at every level of potato production. This is a distinction that we do not take lightly. We all work diligently to ensure that continued success!