CSS Farms is committed of the communities we represent across the nation.

Columbus, NE

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    31341 160th Street
    Columbus, NE 68601
  • 402-897-2577
  • 402-897-2579


Located just north of the small town of Duncan, NE, our Columbus location prides itself on exceptional fresh and storage quality on 1400 acres of chipping potatoes each year. Community involvement is a cornerstone of CSS Farms, and Columbus works hard to keep that a priority.

Dalhart, TX

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    2325 U.S. Hwy 54
    Dalhart, TX 79022
  • 806-343-5307
  • 806-343-5310


With over 1.6 million cwt of storage capacity, Dalhart is the largest of our commercial chip potato farms. Planting over 4000 acres of chipping potatoes annually produces a 10 – 12 month shipping window for our customers.

Minden, NE

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    2016 32nd Road
    Minden, NE 68959
  • 308-832-1733
  • 308-832-1744


Our first operation started outside of South Dakota, the Minden farm harvests 1700 acres of chipping potatoes annually. Fresh and storage shipments cover a 10 month time frame with 800,000 cwt of storage capacity.

Olton, TX

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    1782 Hwy 168
    Olton, TX 79064
  • 806-262-4022
  • 806-262-4024


Olton delivers fresh shipments of chipping potatoes in July and August. It's sandy soils make it an ideal and reliable fresh shipping location.

Pasco, WA

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    10733 Pasco-Kahlotus Rd
    Pasco, WA 99301
  • 509-547-5793
  • 509-545-5748


The Pasco farm is proud to grow potatoes and onions for the region. We are happy to be working with high quality people and communities.

Bliss, NY

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    4189 NY-78
    Bliss, NY 14024
  • 585-322-7274


Serving an esteemed group of regional chip processors, our Bliss location is a perfect addition to the CSS Farms family.

Winnemucca, NV

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    4100 Dutch Flat Road
    Winnemucca, NV 89445
  • 775-623-4400
  • 775-623-2182


Settled in the heart of CSS Farms production areas, the Winnemucca farm produces high-quality potatoes and exceptional customer service.

Lodi, CA


Lodi is in one of the world’s most amazing agricultural resources and a great market for our products!

Bakersfield, CA

  • CSS Farms, LLC
    4343 Shortcuts Lane
    Bakersfield, CA 93314
  • 308-708-3513


Bakersfield, CA is one of the top agriculture producing areas in the United States. Known for being a food basket for the nation we are proud to now grow CSS Farms potatoes in the area.